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Achieve Your Birth Vision

If You Desire to Gentle Natural Birth in a Hospital Setting, You're in the Right Place...

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"I see you...

Yes, you...

You're so thrilled to be pregnant! But at the same time, nervous about all the unknowns. 

You're excited about giving birth, but a little frightened at the idea of unnecessary interventions. 

I know you took your pregnancy test, found an adorable way to tell your partner, and called your OB to start your prenatal care. 

But then you started doing your research. And talking to friends. And doing more research and digging deeper. And now not sure you want the run-of-the-mill birth that Hollywood has been throwing in your face your entire life. 

Maybe for a minute, you considered having a home birth. But you ultimately decided (for whatever reason) that the hospital is where you will be giving birth this time.

But I know you've been held captive for all the horror stories. Maybe you've heard about the dreaded "cascade of interventions" and you definitely don't want that to happen to you! And you're starting to wonder if having a natural birth in the hospital is worth it or even possible...

But I am here to tell you that it is absolutely possible to have the birth you're envisioning, even in the hospital. Not only is it possible, but I've seen it! And not just once but many, many times. 

You are strong and powerful and uniquely created to give birth to your child. With adequate preparation and a carefully chosen support system, you can birth the way you are picturing! 

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"Alysha was a wonderful advocate for us, she knew how to encourage my husband in ways he could best support me during the labor. 

She was nurturing, gentle in her recommendations yet firm enough that I trusted what she was suggesting. This helped me to stay calm and breathe properly.

The list could go on and on! I got to have the birth I had hoped for! We will for sure be having her again for our next babies.

If you are on the fence about having a doula, it really is so great having someone there who knows how to best help you and your husband have a great birthing experience."

-Chelsea C

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Hi, I'm Alysha! I am a Certified Birth Doula serving the St. Louis area.

I believe that every woman should feel empowered to have the birth experience she desires while staying safe and healthy.

Having attended both medicated and unmedicated births, I know there is beauty in every kind of birth, and I consider it an honor to be present for each and every one!

I am certified through DONA International. I have also received training from Spinning Babies, Evidence-Based Birth, the VBAC Link, and Gena Kirby's Rebozo Course.

If you choose me as your doula, you can be assured you will have a knowledgeable support person with you, not only at your birth, but throughout your entire pregnancy!

Contact me today to set up a free, no-obligation consult!
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"I truly cannot express enough to mothers and fathers how important having Alysha as our doula was for our birth experience.

I say our, as my husband has also expressed how blessed he felt to have her guidance and support during my pregnancy and birth.

If you desire a doula who will provide not just support, but also any information you could possibly need if you have questions or concerns, and someone who truly commits herself to being there for you one hundred percent - even for a bit after your birth - please consider making Alysha part of your birth team.

Her gentle, confident, and calm presence helped make it possible for my husband and I to be confident in ourselves all the way through to our journey to parenthood, and our whole family is forever grateful.

I fully believe that she is a shining example of what being a doula is supposed to be all about"

-Mackenzie B.

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Contact Alysha Today!

I'm looking forward to meeting you and hearing all about Your Birth Vision!

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"When my wife told me about hiring a doula, I'll admit I was a tad skeptical at first because I had never even heard of a doula....
Aside from the natural birth experience, which was incredible, I firmly believe that whatever birth decision someone makes (at home, birth center, or hospital), Alysha Collins Birth Doula is the one constant that should remain in place regardless of location of the birth.
When Alysha showed up the night of my son's birth I felt an incredible sense of calmness for myself but more importantly for my wife."
-Jimmy K.

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