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Frequently Asked Questions

What Does a Doula Do?

As a Birth Doula, I provide continuous emotional support to a woman and her partner during labor & childbirth. I will accompany you to your birthing location and offer you various comfort measures, encouragement, and knowledge during the process. I also provide lots of prenatal support during your pregnancy. 
A Birth Doula does NOT perform cervical exams, read heartrate monitors, or make decisions for you.   
A Birth Doula is NOT the same as a Midwife, which is a care provider who delivers babies.

Does a Doula Make a Difference?

Studies have shown that having continuous labor support results in:

  • 39% Decrease in risk of Cesarean

  • 15% Increase in likelihood of spontaneous vaginal birth

  • 10% Decrease in the use of any medications for pain relief

  • 41 Minutes shorter labor

  • 38% Decrease in low 5-min APGAR score

  • 31% Decrease in risk of being dissatisfied with birth experience

Does a Doula Replace My Partner?

Absolutely not! Your partner, whether that be a spouse, mother, sister, or friend, is an important part of your birth experience, and they should be involved as much as they and you want them to be! As you doula, I will come along side your partner, suggesting ways they can better comfort and support you during labor. My presence can also allow your partner to take a break as needed, during a long labor.

Do You Provide Backups?

Yes! Though I arrange my schedule to be on-call for you for 2 weeks before and after you are expected to deliver, we all know life happens, and whether that's illness or I'm wrapped up in another birth, I have a wonderful network of other local doulas that I can call upon as backups. If you have any concerns, I can always arrange a meeting with the doula who would be the backup for your birth ahead of time!

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