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What to Expect When Working with Alysha

Kind Words from Past Clients

"If you are on the fence about hiring a doula or deciding which to doula to hire, stop here and hire Alysha! When my husband and I were looking to hire a doula, I found Alysha and read the reviews from previous people who had used her services and was instantly put at ease. Alysha brings a positive and calming environment along with great knowledge in the world of birthing. I had a list of items that I wanted to try and achieve during my labor, and Alysha talked through all of them with me and made sure we felt as prepared as possible - she was always just a text away! Leading up to labor, her knowledge and skills helped prepare not only me, but my husband as well so that we felt as prepared as possible. During my labor, Alysha was the best friend I needed and then some! She knew how best to support me and provide peace and comfort in some of the most intense periods of my labor. Right down to checking with me for if I was hungry or wanted something to drink - things you just don't seem to think of when you're in the moment! She also took wonderful photos and video of the birth of our son, and these mean so much to me! Alysha took the time to truly care throughout my pregnancy, and the support she brought to me and my husband will be forever cherished! I know that we will for sure be looking to hire her again if we have more children in the future."

Amber H. 
March 2023

"I truly cannot express enough to mothers and fathers how important having Alysha as our doula was for our birth experience. I say our, as my husband has also expressed how blessed he felt to have her guidance and support during my pregnancy and birth. If you desire a doula who will provide not just support, but also any information you could possibly need if you have questions or concerns, and someone who truly commits herself to being there for you one hundred percent - even for a bit after your birth - please consider making Alysha part of your birth team. Her gentle, confident, and calm presence helped make it possible for my husband and I to be confident in ourselves all the way through to our journey to parenthood, and our whole family is forever grateful. I fully believe that she is a shining example of what being a doula is supposed to be all about. Thank you again, Alysha!"

Mackenzie B. 
September 2022

"Alysha was a wonderful advocate for us, she knew how to encourage my husband in ways he could best support me during the labor. She was nurturing, gentle in her recommendations yet firm enough that I trusted what she was suggesting. This helped me to stay calm and breathe properly. The list could go on and on! I got to have the birth I had hoped for! We will for sure be having her again for our next babies. If you are on the fence about having a doula, it really is so great having someone there who knows how to best help you and your husband have a great birthing experience."

Chelsea C.
September 2021

"Alysha was such a warm, calm, and supportive presence for me during pregnancy, birth, and early postpartum. She helped me to learn more about birth and build a very personal and detailed birth plan. She encouraged me to surround myself with a birth team that would support my birth plan. Even though I ended up having a very fast labor at the hospital, my husband was so impressed with how she calmly and expertly helped me through a very intense labor and delivery. I didn’t have a doula for my first baby, and Alysha made such an empowering difference for me with my second pregnancy. I would highly recommend doula services and Alysha for anyone expecting a baby."

Katie R. 
June 2023

"Alysha is very positive, calm, assuring, friendly, and relatable. She was very attentive to me. She made sure I had everything I needed and wanted. I can't say enough good things. I would definitely use Alysha as my doula again!"

Olia L.
January 2022 & March 2023

"When my wife told me about hiring a doula, I'll admit I was a tad skeptical at first because I had never even heard of a doula.... Aside from the natural birth experience, which was incredible, I firmly believe that whatever birth decision someone makes (at home, birth center, or hospital), Alysha Collins Birth Doula is the one constant that should remain in place regardless of location of the birth. When Alysha showed up the night of my son's birth I felt an incredible sense of calmness for myself but more importantly for my wife."

Jimmy K.
June 2022

"Alysha was my doula for the last three of my four children. She is attentive, supportive, and assertive. She knew what I needed at times when I didn't know what I needed! I highly, HIGHLY recommend her!"

Erin D.
July 2016, August 2018, & January 2021

"Alysha was my birth doula this past month and she was amazing. She kept in contact with me for weeks before the birth and for a while after. Her presence at my birth was comforting and she helped ease my pain tremendously. She was honestly worth every penny and I will always recommend her to everyone!"

Kayla K. 
June 2022

"Alysha was absolutely incredible to work with. I was very anxious about a lot of things leading up to my birth and she constantly put my mind at ease. Throughout my time working with her, she provided my husband and I with so many educational resources to back up my specific birth plan that I wanted. Between the constant phone calls, texts, facetime calls and her coming to our home, I would recommend her to anyone! It was so helpful having such a positive and knowledgeable person in my pocket during my pregnancy. My birth went a bit unexpected & she could not be there during my labor because of how quickly everything happened, but my husband was able to fill in her role so perfectly because of everything she taught us. She made it just in time before our daughter was born, and although my birth plan did not happen perfectly, she helped me to see the positive and the pictures/videos she took we will cherish forever. You're amazing Alysha!!!!"

Samara L.
June 2023

"I had the most incredible experience with Alysha. She was always available any time I had any concern prior to labor. Weekly check ins were just what my mental health needed and it helped to build our relationship and allowed me to get comfortable with her. She was ready to show up at the hospital and stayed for 30+ hours of labor. The way she cared for me and supported me to have the unmedicated birth of my dreams was better than I could have dreamed. She also supported my husband so well to be the main support I needed. She was an incredible advocate for me throughout the entire process. She also stayed to make sure I had a great first latch experience with my new baby. Forever thankful for her and her care for our family. I will be booking her for all my babies."

Briana K.
November 2022

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